Friday, 1 April 2011

House Whore Wife pleased me when...

1)  ...she was kissing me on the bed while an Asian slut was sucking my cock. I was pleased to kiss HWW's lips and to watch my white cum on another girl's lips.

2) ...she held the head of another Asian slut in front of my cock and pushed her back and forth until I came in her throath. She released her only after making sure she swallowed everything.

3) ...she was left without bra at a strip poker game with our male friend. She was so sexy and keen to loose the underpants. And she lost! I went for a shower and when I came back she was rolling in bed with our one night stand friend.

4) ...she streched her arms backwards to kiss the guy who was licking her neck and push her breasts towards me who was in the front. It was in the kitchen and she bented to give us a double blow job.

5)...she showed up in a white nurse costume for me and my friend, who fucked her in the ass right away. She looked into my eyes and said "He is in my ass". I asked whether she wanted me to ask him to stop and she said "NO".

6)...she ended a threesome as a pro pornostar with a double cum shot on her face. That was the only time but it was fantastic.

7)...she was blindfolded and started playing with a friend while I was having a shower. Amazing feeling to send my friend to have a shower first, then let house whore wife blindfolded alone with him and go to have a shower by myself. I returned and she was giving him a blowjob.

8)...she let me and my friend fuck a shemale while she was watching. What an experience!

9)...she decided to go for the first double penetration. I loved watching her face while my friend and I were filling her holes. The rougher the better.  We did it several times, but what pleased me the most was the surprise on her face for the pleasure of a double vaginal penetration. She liked that so much that she was trying to hold both cocks in her pussy with both hands.

I really love my wife.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Role Playing

On Sunday we went out for lunch with a group of my girlfriends and their husbands. For most of us it was the first time we had met many of the husbands. It was certainly the first time My Husband had met many of the girls - and he was a big hit! The wives were practically lining up to talk to him!!

One wife in particular was especially flirty with him, and right in front of me. I didn't mind, of course. I know My Husband is sexy, so the women always go for him! She told him how boring her husband is and how much she likes European men etc etc.

So when we were at home later that night I pretended to be "Nicola" and had sex with My Husband as her. I repeated many of the things I could remember her saying over lunch and took them even further until My Husband orgasmed moaning "Nicola ... Nicola".

Nadia joins our tableau ...

Welcome Nadia to our tableau! What a great pic!

Apparently she "likes showing off like a little slut". She's doing a great job we think!

Don't forget My Husband's goal of having 40 x 40 pics published on our Tableau.

Send your sexy pics to to have them added.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lunchtime Friday Blow Job Report

Apologies for the delay in reporting back on how My Husband's Lunchtime Friday Blow Job went last week ...

I met My Husband around the back of his building at 12:30, as planned. He had arrived before me and as I walked toward him he put his finger to his lips to indicate that I should stay quiet, then he took my hand and led me down the street. Not too far away we came to another office building that had a sort of small lane down the side. It wasn't exactly a lane for walking down, more like a space for rubbish bins and air conditioning units.

My Husband looked at me and winked, then led me down the lane. About half way down the lane we came across some stairs that led to a basement level, so down we went. We were still close enough to the street to be able to hear people walking by, but far enough away to be just out of sight. I was quite excited as I had given My Husband a blow job on the street the first night we had met and we used to make a habit of ducking into doorways and around corners for blow jobs back then, but it had been a long time!

I looked at My Husband and he gave me a knowing grin. I grinned back and crouched down in front of him to unzip his pants. His cock was already hard as I pulled it out of his pants and started licking it. I ran my tongue up and down loving the feeling of it in my mouth. One hand cupped his balls and the other followed my mouth up and down. I looked up at My Husband and could see he was loving it and trying really hard not to make any noise. At one point we both heard a sound and froze, but no one seemed to be coming so I kept going, a little faster!

I spat on his cock silently and sucked faster and faster. I deep throated him and he held my head down until I was gagging - silently! It was very exciting and we were both incredibly turned on, until My Husband grabbed at the back of my head and I knew he was about to cum. I felt him tense as he filled my mouth. I had to swallow twice to make sure I didn't lose any over the sides!

With the taste of his spunk in my mouth I stood up and kissed him. He always likes to taste himself afterwards which I think is kind of kinky. He zipped up his pants and we slowly made our way back up the staircase and down the lane. I think someone saw us make our way back out onto the footpath, but I doubt they had ANY idea what we had just been up to down there - or maybe they did?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lunchtime Friday Blow Job

Today is Friday and My Husband has decided he would like a Lunchtime Blow Job, so I will be off in a few hours to meet him and fulfill my request. Am thinking about what to wear ... he loves me in fishnet stockings and no panties ... I also need to wear lots of lipstick so I can smear it all over his COCK ...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Chloe joins our tableau ...

We welcome the beautiful Chloe to our tableau ... looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

See our previous post for Chloe's details. A super hot porn star who likes to be fucked for your / our entertainment! Yumms!

Don't forget My Husband's goal of having 40 x 40 pics published on our Tableau.

Send your sexy pics to to have them added.

Our PORN Star friends are coming to Tokyo!

Last year when we were in the US we met an American porn star couple and this week they are coming to visit us in Tokyo! Both are young and incredibly hot and they put on sex shows in their hotel room!

Here is an extract from their website ...

"Come to our hotel room to see a gorgeous beauty get fucked and treated like a cock slut while you watch. Watch her get on her knees and suck his yummy cock, get eagerly throat fucked, display her delicious spread pussy, and then get fucked hard in lots of different positions until he pulls out and makes her swalÍow his cum or shoots it all over her angelic face and tits.

She's a gorgeous young porno slut, and LOVES being a good little fuck toy, being manhandled, getting spanked, having her hair pulled, worshiping his cock, being talked really dirty to, made to drink his cum, and used HARD for your enjoyment. "

These guys are great and well worth following. Check out their site here. and let us know what you think!

We can't wait!

Waiting for pics for the tableau project

Now that we are back online we would like to get our Tableau Project back up and running.

Send us a sexy pic of your wife / girlfriend and we will add it to our tableau.  The goal is to have 40 x 40 pics.


1. Photo should be genuine.  Stealing from the web is not allowed.
2. Photo should be of a female.  (wife / girlfriend)
3. Kids / Animals / Blood not allowed - we will reject.
4. Only one photo each, so please choose wisely!

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

We Are Back!

We are back after a few weeks offline! Google thought we were spam so we had to jump through some hoops a few times to get our blog back!

Anyway ... we are here now and we wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone!

Looking forward to sharing some more kinky stories and reading your comments in 2011!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hot Wife Tableau Project continues!

Welcome to our tableau Suze and we LOVE your pic!

Check out those sexy gloves! ;o)

Please spread the word everyone, we are enjoying hearing from you!

Send your sexy pics to to have them added.